How to use "{{" in docx recipe - help needed

  • I need to include some tags to external application in the generated word document (docx recipe) ,
    The tag looks like this: {{Cmpy_es_:signer1:company}} .
    I was not able to include this in the template, some example to what i tried to do:
    \{{Cmpy_es_:signer1:company}} --> this is working in html

    is it possible in docx recipe ?
    @jan_blaha @bjrmatos

    0_1665413740355_Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 17.55.08.png

  • administrators

    hi! do you mean that you need that after jsreport generate the docx, you need that the file contains the {{Cmpy_es_:signer1:company}} text? so basically you need that jsreport ignores such tags, right?

    you need to declare helper like this:

    function raw (options) {
      return options.fn()

    and use it like this example:

    NOTE: it is a bit explicit and long but it is how handlebars works

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