Error: Worker Timeout

  • Hi,
    I'm having trouble with this error: "Error: Worker Timeout, the worker process does not respond after 20000 ms at Timeout._onTimeout"
    I don't know why he stops to work with a 245kb json file. This is the first time that i have this problem.
    Is there any solution?

  • administrators

    hi! where do you saw that error? was it in jsreportonline or in your own server? what recipe were you using? electron?

  • I saw it in jsreportonline. Yes, i use electron.

  • administrators

    @Alessandro-Sanguedolce ah yes, it is a known problem. since electron does not have headless support it is a little unstable when running on linux machines (jsreportonline is running on Ubuntu). we are investigating what are the common issues that make electron to timeout when rendering and try to search for ways to make it more stable if possible. so far we have saw that it runs out of time when using: slow Amazon S3 resources, inline resources in base64 (in most cases those medium sized resources are inline because the use of assets), i guess that you are in one of those scenarios.

    so far there is no solution yet. when using electron, the process will timeout eventually for some time if the report is in one of the problematic scenarios, the best workaround is just to have a retry-policy on your side. we will continue evaluating the problem and see if we can come up with some solution, also we are evaluating chrome headless as a good alternative to electron, phantomjs so there will be more options for you in the future.

  • Ok. It's strange cause i use the same template and recipe one week ago and it work fine. But today i have this problem.

  • administrators

    yes, exactly. after some days or when dealing with consecutives problematic scenarios it will timeout eventually. but after some tries it will continue working, we have strict process recycle policy in jsreportonline so we can say that the problem is present in short periods.

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