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  • Hi, i've a problem with timeout when i try to convert my json file in pdf.
    I made in visual studio a simple routine that take an amount of xml files stored in a directory, convert these file in json and then i obtain pdf files for every json file using the template and phantom pdf in jsreportonline. It works fine with small xml/json files but when they are bigger than 1/2 Mb the program goes in timeout exception.
    How can i resolve this issue?

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    hi! since jsreportonline is a global service consumed by many others we have some defaults to ensure the availability of the service, for example in the case of phantom pdf we have a default timeout of 20s, this is usually fine for normal reports but in big and complex reports (like yours) the default timeout is too short. we are evaluating to come up with a way to increase the timeout but this is something that we must analyze in depth first in order to don't compromise the availability of the full service.

    in this case we recommend to install jsreport on your own machine and set the timeout configuration for phantom to a bigger value (like 35000 (35s)), in order to better handle your kind of reports and without any limitation.

  • It is the most likely a server timeout so it is correct what @bjrmatos suggest. However it could be also a client request timeout. Do you use c# jsreport client? You should try to increase the ReportingService.HttpClientTimeout timespan in that case.

  • ok thanks for reply me

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