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  • Hi, I have an application pod containing the Jsreport service (in GCP) and I am using it to generate reports through my platform. For a long time now, I have been experiencing constant pod restarts due to lack of memory. In my production environment, I have version 3.8, but in my test environment, I already have version 4.3.1 and I continue to have the same behavior. Whenever I generate a report, the memory usage increases and never goes back down.
    What can I do? I need help because it is becoming unfeasible to have the pod constantly restarting.

  • We aren't aware of memory leaks in the recent version. You will need to isolate the problem.

    Try to run the same report, locally, in a loop one by one, and with limited memory.
    You can limit the memory when running docker or when running plain nodejs with max-old-space-size flag.
    Does such a test fail on OOM?
    If yes, please share with us the config and workspace so we can replicate the issue.

  • This is my case, when I start a pod with jsreport I have these statistics. Here I have 505 MB of free memory

    After running the first report (I use the invoice pdf My free memory decreases as shown in a message:

    The memory after sending the same report (second time):

    After 15 minutes of rendering the report, I have this result:

    The chrome command is never cleared. All my reports use Chrome PDF.

  • I haven't had time to investigate this, but I actually have been seeing more server crashes due to low memory lately. I'm rendering some huge reports, so I thought I had some bugs or something. I'll be following this thread if anything comes up that I should test.

    Last week my JSReport 4.3 docker container at Fargate restarted two times due to low memory, which is quite rare.

  • jsreport by default reuses chrome instances

    The nodejs is garbage collected runtime. It will clear the memory when it "gets the mood".
    To test the memory leaking, give the pod or container limited memory like I recommended, and then test in the loop.

    I've tried now the leak test and I don't see it would be getting out of bounds.

    Start jsreport with just 300mb

    docker run -p 5488:5488 -d -m=300m jsreport/jsreport:4.4.0

    Then render 10 000 pdfs => no OOM.
    I'm not saying there is no memory leak, but we will need to deterministically replicate it to be able to localize it.

    const client = require('@jsreport/nodejs-client')('http://localhost:5488')
    async function runOne () {
        const r = await client.render({
            template: {
                name: 'invoice-main'
            data: {
                "number": "123",
                "seller": {
                    "name": "Next Step Webs, Inc.",
                    "road": "12345 Sunny Road",
                    "country": "Sunnyville, TX 12345"
                "buyer": {
                    "name": "Acme Corp.",
                    "road": "16 Johnson Road",
                    "country": "Paris, France 8060"
                "items": [{
                    "name": "Website design",
                    "price": 300
        return r.body()
    async function runMany() {
        for (let i = 0; i < 2000; i++) {
            console.log(i * 5)
            await Promise.allSettled([runOne(),runOne(),runOne(),runOne(),runOne()])
    runMany().then(() => console.log('done')).catch(console.error)

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