Header image fuzzy?

  • Hi, still pretty new to everything here so please bear with me...
    I've figured out how to get images into my report in both the body and header and they're all showing up, which is great.
    My question is, has anyone had it where the header images aren't sharp? I've redone and resized the header image over and over and no matter what I do it's fuzzy/blurry and I cannot get it sharp for the life of me. I imported it in the assets section and when I created the asset, the image looked fine, but as soon as it renders in the header it's fuzzy.

    I have other images in the body of my report and they're all sharp. I've handled all the images the same way.

    Anyone have any experience with this?

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    hi! can you please reproduce the problem here in playground, save it and share the link here? with that we can take a look and try to find what is happening with the image.

  • Hi, so after playing around with things for a while I finally figured it out. Turns out I just wasn't using a large enough image. I thought it was plenty large but I guess they need to be REALLY big to render properly in the PDFs. Something kind of stupid, but at least it's fixed. Thanks anyway though =)

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    you are welcome!

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