Organizing templates in folders under data

  • Hi,
    Can I organized related templates in a folder. I have to categorize templates based on departments.
    Is this possible or its a flat structure under data folder.


  • administrators

    hi!, this is not supported right now, it is just flat structure under data folder, however this feature is in our roadmap, here is the relevant issue in case you want to follow the progress there and know when it is done.

    you can use tags to try to organize your templates, however they will be saved as flat structure on disk

  • Yes, please!!!! I plan on having hundreds of reports. Being able to organize them into project folders would be super helpful!

  • I third this! Being able to create folder hierarchies for logically arranging multiple report would be very beneficial - i'd much rather have that than tags.

  • The folders structuring features is now ready in jsreport 2.3.0.

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