Jsreport link sharing for templates

  • Hi guys!
    In Jsreport, there is an option for sharing templates, which allows users to download excel/pdf without authentication. Can we get that share link using API? If so, how to do that?

    Thanks in advance.



  • Sure, just open F12 tools / network and see what studio is doing :)

    It is something like
    GET server/odata/templates('id')

  • Thanks for your response.
    Basically, what I am looking for is to send a link of generated report to client. If I use that access token based link, the report is generated from the sample data stored in our jsreport server. It does not use the data sent in the request.

  • So, I am trying another approach. Using the reports {save : true} option, I am saving the report to our server, and sending the following link to the client (from reportResponse['headers']['permanent-link'];):

    But this link requires the client to log into our jsreport server. is there any way so that the client can access this file link without login/authentication?

  • No. That always require authentication.
    You need to give user the link to your application and "proxy" the request to jsreport through your app which adds the authentication header.

  • Thank you! I will get back to you with my findings.

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