Able to reference asset js files on local, but unable to reference in deployed server

  • On my local I am able to reference js files that are in my assets folder like so:

     {#asset quadrantConfig.js @encoding=utf8}

    On the deployed server if I attempt to reference an asset in the same way (same file same structure same everything) I get this error:

    0_1548989917037_Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 1.57.42 pm.png

    Can I get some clarification as to how to make this work?

  • Also, if I reference css files from the same assets folder it works both on my local and on the server

  • I believe you have something like this in config?

    "assets": {
          "searchOnDiskIfNotFoundInStore": true,
          "allowedFiles": "**/*.*"

    The "assets folder" as you mention is the root of the application?
    I don't think there is a reason why one file should be loaded and the second in the same folder shouldn't.
    Please try to check if the file is really there with correct permissions.

  • This is what I see in studio:

    0_1549165407088_Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 2.29.12 pm.png

    The js file (which returns the Unable to find or read error) is in the same folder as the css file (which works fine)

    I am unable to do anything in the permissions section for this js file in the studio. What are the correct permissions and where do I add them? Is it in the main config file, the config file for the report template or the config file for the js file?

  • Ah now I see the problem on the screenshot.

    The quadrantConfig.js in your case is not an asset but it is jsreport script.
    This entity has a different purpose and can't be embedded using {#asset ...} syntax.
    You need to copy its content somewhere, delete the entity, create a new one as an asset and paste the content.

  • Ok, rookie error. Thanks Jan.

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