Assets in jsreport 2.1.0

  • As I understand it, support for paths in {#asset} was introduced in 2.3.0. Does that mean the only way to use a resource is by pasting it into an asset created in the web client? Can I reference a file in any other way?

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    yes, support for entity paths has been added in 2.3.0 along with folder entities support. note that entity path means just the hierarchy formed by folder + rest of entities.. for example if you create a folder, then inside the folder put an asset there, you can reference that asset with its entity path, which will be /[folder name]/[asset name].

    if you just want to reference a file from your filesystem then you should be able to follow these instructions and pass a path to your filesystem to the asset call, it should work too

  • How is that configuration handled in an MVC controller using Local Reporting?

  • Thanks for the reply. I'm hoping to just update the jsreport server to latest for now.

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