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  • Hi
    I'm stuck trying to merge multiple PDFs from a template into one PDF.
    The use case is, I have one template for single device data. So one pdf for one device.
    A customer want to have one pdf for all devices. The structure of the data is the same, but in an array "devices".
    So I would like to reuse the same template and I thought I could merge the pdf's with pdf-utils.
    Here is a simplified example:

    The problem is, the context passed to the "sub-template" is the whole context. But I would need the array element that is iterated.
    The result should be really the single pdf's merges together. So the total page numbers in the footer should be 1/1 on every page. See template "desiredResult".

    Is this possible? Or do I have to change my approach? With "Partials" or something else?
    Many thanks

  • administrators

    hi! yes it is possible, i've updated the example to produce what you want, here is the link

    the trick is the script prepare-normalTemplate-for-merge assigned to the normalTemplate, in which we detect that the template is getting devices data and then we modify the data to be single object that the normalTemplate expects

  • Wow. Great. Many many thanks !

  • @bjrmatos How do you iterate over pdfs that take up more than one page? and to further that, how do you set a page x of y in the footer that keeps up properly in the mergeTemplate / all of the pages

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