Highcharts get clipped if chrome-pdf has margins and width is set as xx%

  • How can I avoid a Highchart chart from being clipped by the margins when I size it in %?

    <div id="chart" style="width:100%; height:10cm"/>

    The same problem occurs even if I set the width to 80%.
    Is this a HighChart specific?
    Or do I need to avoid specifying width in %

    With html recipe the chart looks as it should:


    With chrome-pdf and no margins it looks the same:

    0_1567762942105_upload-8d6cafed-fba3-4b05-84ef-e4d4e3a25cca ![0_1567762852907_upload-3737dcc0-f1f1-4118-9bde-8990a9355cf6]

    chrome-pdf with 2cm left and right margins the chart gets clipped:


  • I found some more info on this:

    The post is from 2012, but the problem is exactly the same as mine. Is this still an unsolved issue with modern browsers?

    Will I get into this problem in other scenarios as well?

  • administrators

    hi! this is something hard to know, because it is really specific to Highchart's support for printing. maybe it needs some tweaks but i don't have the enough experience to tell you what can fix it or if you will have other problems with the charts in other scenarios. i only have some experience with Chartjs, which is the library i've used to create some of the showcase demos here. you can check this showcase how i was able to create a lot of charts and using margins in the page, maybe there is some style that can help you to fix your issue with Highcharts, i remember having some similar problem also with Chartjs but i was able to solve those by using some options { responsive: true, maintainAspectRatio: false, } when creating the charts., maybe there are similar options in Highcharts that you can try

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