Can a pptxImage work inside a pptxTable?

  • Hello, I'm trying to figure out a way to have two levels of pptx table with images embedded in the parent table, but there's something not working. I get an error :

    "pptxImage" helper call failed
    (because) pptxImage helper requires src parameter to be set

    Could someone take a look at this playground report, please?

  • administrators

    @lukuser pptxImage works with the table but not in a natural way, which means that the image is not part of the table, it is a floating element (just like everything in pptx).

    basically the data that gets passed to pptxImage helper comes from the root and not from the loop context generated from the table.

    see this issue for more details about the problem, that issue combined with the fact that you are trying to make it work with pptxTable with dynamic columns (which is not supported yet) make the render to throw error.

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