are nested pptx tables possible?

  • Hello @admin,

    I'm trying to implement this sort of pptx slide:


    I have two levels of data: submarkets and offices. Doesn't look like I can do any nested pptx tables though, I tried one table surrounded by {{#each}} handle based on the docx CV example:


    but I got an error. Is this sort of report even doable using the pptx helper?

  • administrators

    hi @lukuser this is not possible in pptx, mostly because the pptx format seems to not support nested tables, each table is an independent floating element.

    but the output you want does not necessarily need nested table, in theory if dynamic cells generation was supported in pptx (like in docx) you could create each cell, however the dynamic cells are not supported in pptx at the moment.

    i have opened an issue to keep track of this, make sure to subscribe there for updates when this gets implemented

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