Data file too large.

  • Having real trouble trying to generate a report from a big json data file "23mb".
    I've seen this below. I've generated a new config file and appended below. however, it hasn't seemed to make a difference. What am I doing wrong?

    "express": {
    "inputRequestLimit": "80mb"
    0_1519066114211_data file message.png
    0_1519066218029_jsreport server.png
    0_1519066342264_json config.png

  • administrators

    if you look closer at the picture the first line is:

    using configuration file dev.config.json

    however you are showing a jsreport.config.json file which means that you probably have two configuration files and dev.config.json takes priority over jsreport.config.json. try to replicate the config to dev.config.json or just delete the dev.config.json file.

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