Display header footer showing improper

  • I am using the chrome-pdf recipe and the jsreport-client.
    I have already successfully merged the header, footer and the main body together, however the footer and the header seems to be rendered in a wrong way. Showing the result as the following.
    alt text

    I have no idea why they are rendering under the main templates.
    Here a the codes to reproduce the issue.

    template: {
    content: ReadContent("result.html"),
    recipe: "chrome-pdf",
    engine: "handlebars",
    chrome: {
    "scale": 1,
    "displayHeaderFooter": true,
    "headerTemplate": ReadContent("result_header.html"),
    "footerTemplate": ReadContent("result_footer.html"),
    "printBackground": true,
    "pageRanges": "",
    "format": "A4",
    "width": "",
    "height": "",
    "marginTop": "20px",
    "marginRight": "20px",
    "marginBottom": "20px",
    "marginLeft": "20px",
    "waitForJS": false,
    "waitForNetworkIddle": false,
    helpers: ,


    Does anyone encountered this issue before? I have suffered from this issue for days already :('

  • Please share the demo in playground.

  • https://playground.jsreport.net/w/knm1993/8yT4amr0

    thx for reply, I have reproduced the situation with the playground in the above url

  • administrators

    just for the record, the problem with your example is that your template is using top/bottom margin in css (body) and you don't have enough space for the headers (margin top, bottom options), the css values were overlapping the others. i fixed the example here: https://playground.jsreport.net/w/anon/zMWU0DVp

  • ahhh, I see... I have forgotten about the rendering codes, there are margin options too...
    Thank you very much for pointing out the problem!

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